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Cowboy Action Shooting Books

Old Gunsights - A Collectors Guide, 1850-1965

by Nick Stroebel Old Gunsights - A Collectors Guide

Book Description:

The definitive book on a unique subject of interest to nearly two million gun collectors in the U.S. today, “Old Gunsights” covers all major American manufacturers and many foreign ones. Approximately 400 photos accompany hundreds of market prices.

If you want to know what that old sight fits, or what sight you need, this is the book. Sights are listed both by manufacturer and gun maker. Don’t know what originally came on your Model 1886 Winchester, it’s here.

I See by Your Outfit : Historic Cowboy Gear of the Northern Plains

by Tom Lindmier, Steve Mount, Steven R. Mount, Thomas A. Lindmier I See by Your Outfit

Selected Review:

This is the real MCoy. The authors appear to know their subect well and have done their homework. I thank you for that because this is my first read on the subject of real cowboy clothing and I wanted facts. The detail was very good and in some cases too good as in the section on horse bits. What cowboys acually wore and why is fascinating.

Action Shooting : Cowboy Style : An In-Depth Look at America's Hottest New Shooting Game

by John Taffin Action Shooting : Cowboy Style

Book Description:

This book brings home all the dust and smoke of America’s fastest-growing shooting sport. Thousands of competitors attend sanctioned cowboy shooting matches held monthly across the country and thousands more turn out just to watch. Noted gun writer John Taffin discusses every aspect of this sport which combines the history and love of the wild west with precision accuracy and high-speed shooting.

Readers will learn all about the guns, clothing and rules of cowboy-style shooting events from a writer who’s been there. This is the hottest game in town with new players joining every week. John Taffin is a name gun buffs recognize and will reach for.

$10 Horse, $40 Saddle : Cowboy Clothing, Arms, Tools and Horse Gear of the 1880's

by Don Rickey, et al $10 Horse, $40 Saddle

Selected Review:

This book was originally published in the mid seventies; it is nice to have a reprint available. Interiewing old cowboys in the 1950’s, the author gained a great deal of primary source material in regards to what types of clothing and equipment were used. A great deal of drawings appear throughout the text. This book depicts the cowboy at his most practical.

Winchester : An American Legend : The Official History of Winchester Firearms and Ammunition from 1849 to the Present

by G. Allan Brown(Photographer), et al Winchester - An American Legend

Book Synopsis:

Renowned for their innovative designs, consummate craftsmanship, and rugged reliability, Winchesters have played a decisive role in our nation's history and have been prized ever since by sportsmen, soldiers, and collectors. This stunning book--published during the 125th anniversary of Winchester--is an extraordinary gift for gun enthusiasts and collectors everywhere. 286 full-color photographs; 150 black-and-white photos.

Packing Iron : Gun Leather of the Frontier West

by Richard C. Rattenbury, et al Packing Iron

Book Description:

Western gunleather is an icon of American frontier lore. Packing Iron celebrates the artistry and innovation of the craftsmen who designed the gun rigs of the old time cowboys, troopers, lawmen, and Hollywood heroes. This unique art form is fully described and richly illuatrated with more than 300 exciting color photographs and nearly 100 rare historic images. In the pages of Packing Iron you will discover gunleather produced by historic government arsenals, along with the famed frontier craftsmen like Collins, Meanea, Gallatin, and Heiser.

Age of the Gunfighter : Men and Weapons on the Frontier 1840-1900

by Joseph G. Rosa Age of the Gunfighter

Selected Review:

Of the many books on the subject of the West from 1840 - 1900, GUNFIGHTERS is one notch above them all. The pictures and drawnings are superb. The stories and history of each individual rely on fact and not on folk lore that so many other books do.

Cowboy Action Shooting

by Charly Gullett

Editorial Review:

A reference on the Old West and Cowboy Action Shooting The complete old west competition reference by ‘Judge Gullett’. Don't be fooled by imitations. This reference book contains much more information than can be covered in any video. Particular attention is paid to the safety rules, firearms, ammunition and the gear to stake your claim on fastest growing sport in America. Appendix of suppliers, plain talk about ballistics, the only reloading source for BOTH black powder and smokeless gunpowder. This is the only book ever published with the complete Western States Fire Code relating to the legal storage of gunpowder and ammunition in your home.

Cowboy Clothing and Gear : The Complete Hamley Catalog of 1942

by Hamley and Co. Cowboy Clothing and Gear

Book Description:

For over 100 years, Hamley and Co. of Pendleton, Oregon, has been one of the premier manufacturers of saddles and other leather goods. Noted for superb quality, design and craftsmanship, Hamley products for cowboys and ranchers are shipped to every state in the Union as well as many foreign countries.

This complete republication of the now-rare 1942 Hamley catalog provides a fascinating record of the hundreds of items manufactured and sold by the firm: hand-finished, finely tooled saddles, Stetson hats, Levi’s, Pendleton shirts, hand-engraved silver spurs, sterling silver buckle sets, hand-stamped belts, cowhide chaps, leather boots, fringed leather riding suits for women and many more.

Collector’s, Western fans and nostalgia lovers will delight in this comprehensive catalog. Descriptive captions accompany each item, including list price, color, size and other relevant information.

Triggernometry : A Gallery of Gunfighters : With Technical Notes on Leather Slapping As a Fine Art, Gathered from Many a Loose Holstered Expert over ...

by Eugene Cunningham, Triggernometry

Selected Review:

A fast moving collection of short biographies concerning the careers of lawmen, gunmen, rangers, ranchers and robbers. From this contrasting selection of backgrounds, Eugene Cunningham has compiled a wonderful blend of colourful Western characters. Individuals with the notoriety of Wild Bill, John Wesley Hardin and Billy the Kid, are coupled with their lesser known contemporaries that had equally intriguing existences. None more so than the accounts of Tom Horn, Jim Courtright and Dallas Stoudenmire, which were excellently written, revealing and entertaining. This book is suited to the ‘western’ fanatic, who will discover several flaws in the accuracy of the text, but will appreciate it for it’s style and attempted honesty. Much of the authors research stems from a raw source - first-hand witnesses for example. The final chapter on ‘Triggernometry’ provides an in depth analysis of methods and techniques of drawing and firing an assortment of relevent firearms is offered. Historical characters are used in this chapter, to demonstrate the variety and individuality of their techniques. Eugene Cunningham is enthusiastic about his subject - and it shows! An enjoyable read.

Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters

by Bill O’Neal Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters

Selected Review:

Bill O’Neal’s work is not a simple re-hash of old facts. Instead it is a refreshing and factual look at the men who made the frontier into the myth that survives today. The most interesting aspect of the book is that it shows, over and over, how truth often far outshines fiction in its detail and graphic nature. It is apparent in one read that O’Neal has an intimate knowledge of his subject. This book is destined to become a cornerstone of reference libraries for any and all western history aficionados.

Firearms of the American West 1803-1865

by Louis A. Garavaglia, Charles G. Worman Firearms of the American West 1803-1865

From Book News, Inc.:

Reprint of part one of a two-part study that draws on primary sources such as correspondence and diaries, newspaper accounts, government reports, and patent materials in order to trace the development and uses of firearms on the frontier during the period between 1803 and 1865. Covers the refinements, adaptations, and uses of weapons by civilians, the military, Indians, and explorers and trappers, thus adding an important new dimension to our understanding of the pivotal events in the settlement of the region and of the individuals who took part in them. Numerous b&w photographs and illustrations, some of them rare, accompany the text. Oversize: (9.25" x 12.25"). Book News, Inc. ©, Portland, OR

Firearms of the American West 1866-1894

by Louis A. Garavaglia, Charles G. Worman Firearms of the American West 1866-1894

From Book News, Inc.:

This is the second volume of a two-part encyclopedic reference to firearms in the 19th-century American West, offering both technical information and historical narrative. Covering the period from the close of the Civil War to the modern period, it draws on advertisements from newspapers, catalogues, and other primary sources to discuss the military and civilian firearms used in the settling of the West, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, as well as the guns used by the Native Americans. Illustrated with some 500 photographs of the weapons and of the people who used them. © by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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