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Club Information for 2016


Outfit Boss (President)
Rusty Bucket, e-mail
Outfit Ramrod (Vice-President)
Mosy'n Sam
Bookkeepers (Secretary/Treasurer)
Alibi Adeline (e-mail) with help from Mo Shootin’ (e-mail) and Idaho Sage Hen (e-mail)
Trail Bosses (Match Directors)
April: Willie B Morguns
May: Rusty Dawg,
June: Rusty Bucket, e-mail
July: Lava Rock Kid, e-mail
August: Mosey'n Sam, e-mail
September: Mosey'n Sam, e-mail
October: Rusty Bucket, e-mail
Telegraph Agent (Web Site)
O. P. Hanna, e-mail


If you want to see a copy of our bylaws, here they are in PDF format.

Match Schedule

We shoot on the 3rd Saturday of the month, April through October, or November, depending on what we feel like.

Match Fees

The match fees for this year are:

$15 for the first adult shooter
$5 for each additional adult, and
juniors (16 and under) shoot for free when accompanied by a paying adult.
$20 for the first adult shooter
$10 for each additional adult, and
$5 for juniors (16 and under) when accompanied by a paying adult.

Match Times

This is very important. Registration will start at 8:00 a.m. The match will begin at 9:00 SHARP. We need to start to be strict about this because we have a lot of folks coming from out of the area and they expect to begin shooting when we say we will. So for you guys coming from Idaho Falls, if you show up late, well, we'll give you a dirty look.

Got question? See the contacts page.