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Nofear Swede Anderson, Scott Yes
Preacher Archibald, Keith Yes
Johnny Youngblood Ball, John Yes
Johnny Aces Ball, Joshua Yes
Weston Wrangler Biggs, Ethan Yes Use Telegraph
I-is-a-belle Biggs, Isabel Yes Use Telegraph
Pappy Joe Biggs, Larry Yes
Bitterbrush Burt Burt, Dale Yes
Alibi Adeline Burt, Dorraine Yes
Iona Rose Clark, Kristen Yes Use Telegraph
Diamond C Slim Clark, Rex Yes
Huckleberry Babe Cline, Jessica Yes
Kid Hammer Cope, Brian Yes
Mosey'n Sam Dalley, Elden Yes
Man from Malad Davis, Ron Yes
Buckboard Blondie DeShon, Barbara Yes
Fat Fingers DeShon, Frank Yes
Hardtail Dugan, Gene Yes Use Telegraph
Hardtwist Trader Dugan, Harold Yes
Mo Shootin' Dugan, Phyllis Yes
Captain Jack Falen, Bob Yes
O. P. Hanna Frickey, Dean Yes
Hummingbird Gentry, Betty Yes
Darkhorse Tucker Gentry, Charles Yes
Idaho Whiskers Heidemann, Bob Yes
Rusty Bucket Jones, Mike Yes
White Cloud Packer Kissner, Gary Yes Use Telegraph
Lava Rock Kid Kissner, Tony Yes
Teton County Jr. Lang, Louis Yes
Hell's Belle Lovell, Heidi Yes
Chaos 'n Mayhem Lovell, Mike Yes
Nellie Sue Mason, Cindy Yes
Kenai Kid Mason, Jim Yes
Buckskin Dave Morelli, Dave Yes
Willie B Moreguns Morgan, Len Yes
Granger Ohman, Richard Yes
Shorty Bob Rindlisbaker, Jerry Yes
Wild Shot Rindlisbaker, Katelyn Yes Use Telegraph
Steel Shot Rindlisbaker, Nathan Yes Use Telegraph
Tubbs Robinson, Kathy Yes
Idaho Sagerider Smith, Reeves Yes
Dusty Roads Soper, Gordon Yes Use Telegraph
Tricky Dick Swainston, Dick Yes Use Telegraph
Wild Red Swainston, Marilyn Yes
Cowpoke Charlie Swainston, Richard Yes Use Telegraph
Idaho Sage Ward, Dave Yes
Idaho Sage Hen Ward, Suzanne Yes
Idaho Sage Brush Ward, Tyler Yes
Madame Bulldog Woodward, Rachel Yes
Rusty Dawg Woodward, Rusty Yes
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