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Alibi Adeline Dorraine Burt No
Big John John Corder Yes
Bitterbrush Burt Dale Burt No
Caribou Jack Bruce Brinton No Use Telegraph
Chaos 'n Mayhem Mike Lovell No
Chisler Wood Joe Reinsch No
Colonel Cal Iber Orren Squires Yes
Emerald Nightshade Mary Frickey No
Hell's Belle Heidi Lovell No
Idaho Sagerider Reeves Smith No
Idaho Whiskers Bob Heidemann No
John C. Lyons Matt Mason No
Johnny Aces Joshua Ball Yes
Johnny Youngblood John Ball Yes
Judge M. Quick Steve Frickey No
Kenai Kid Jim Mason Yes
Lava Rock Kid Tony Kissner No
Lt. Rip Masters, Ret. Keith Bramwell Yes
Madame Bulldog Rachel Woodward Yes
Man from Malad Ron Davis No
Missouri Slim Allen Heckart No
Mosey'n Sam Elden Dalley No
Nellie Sue Cindy Mason Yes
Nofear Swede Scott Anderson Yes
O. P. Hanna Dean Frickey Yes
Preacher Keith Archibald Yes
Psycho Filly Jo Josie Bronson Yes
Quirt Evans Greg Merrell No
Reno Rains Jim Kellogg No
Rusty Bucket Mike Jones Yes Use Telegraph
Rusty Dawg Rusty Woodward Yes
Shootswith A. Vengence Jennifer Reinsch No Use Telegraph
Sloan Steady Nathan Bronson Yes
tbd Wade Waldron No
Teamster Mule Skinner Ken Phillips Yes
Teton County Jr. Louis Lang No
Tubbs Kathy Robinson No
White Cloud Packer Gary Kissner No Use Telegraph
Willie B Moreguns Len Morgan No
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