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"Cowboy shooting - as good as it gets."
Saturday, July 13, 2024
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About This Site

I first built this site in 2001. I was experimenting with Fusebox 3, a PHP Framework, at the time so I used it. However, with the hosting service updating to PHP 8.1 in 2022, Fusebox 3 had some issues. Still, this site was working for 22 years with really no problems.

So, while it has worked for 22 years, it was never designed to be mobile-friendly. (It functioned, but that's about it.) Why? Because there were no mobile devices in existence in 2001. So, with the re-write in 2023, it should work better on your phone while continuing the high-level of performance you've come to expect in your desktop browser. As far as how it looks, it's pretty much the same.