The Official Website of the Twin Butte Bunch
"Cowboy shooting - as good as it gets."
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Contact Information

Mailing Address

Twin Butte Bunch
c/o Orren Squires
322 North 3200 East
Lewisville, ID 83431

Officers for 2024

Outfit Boss (President)
O. P. Hanna, e-mail
Outfit Ramrod (Vice-President)
Sloan Steady, e-mail
Safety Officer (Marshall)
Kenai Kid, e-mail
Match Coordinator (Trail Boss)
BlackJack Bray, e-mail
Bookkeeper (Secretary)
Colonel Cal Iber, e-mail
Shotgun Messenger (Treasurer)
Colonel Cal Iber, e-mail
Range Rider (Range Custodian)
Lt. Rip Masters, Ret., e-mail
Telegraph Agent (Website)
O. P. Hanna, e-mail