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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Tubbs (Kathy Robinson) passed away January 2, 2024 after a long struggle with cancer. Tubbs shot with us for many years, always smiling and laughing. She was always fun to shoot with, and we will miss her.

Mo Shootin'

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Mo Shootin' (Phyllis Dugan) on Decemeber 6, 2022. Mo and her husband Hardtwist Trader, were long-time members of the Twin Butte Bunch and shot with us for years. Hardtwist passed away in July of 2016. You may remember that they were the proprietors of the Mercantile. Here is the complete obituary.

Rusty Bucket

Rusty Bucket (Mike Jones) passed away on October 5, 2022. Rusty was a long-time member of the Twin Butte Bunch and the President for many years, holding the club together after Twin Butte Curley died in 2015.

Fat Fingers

We lost Fat Fingers (Frank DeShon) on July 5, 2020. Fat Fingers spent a lot of time at the range working with Twin Butte Curly building Fort Fizzle, the Hotel, and many of the other structures. And he was always fun to shoot with. He is missed. Here is the complete obituary.

Hardtwist Trader

Sad news for the Twin Butte Bunch. Hardtwist Trader (Harold Dugan) passed away on July 21, 2016. He and his wife, Mo Shootin', were always fun to shoot with. Hardtwist and Salt River Buzzard found the buidling that is now our Mercantile, in Wyoming, disassembled it, brought it to the range, and put it back together. Hardtwist and Mo were the proprietors until his passing.

Twin Butte Curley

We are very sad to report that Twin Butte Curly (Deon Davenport) passed away on February 26, 2015. For those of you who don't know, it was Deon who had the vision for the Twin Butte Bunch Cowboy Shooting range, and was the driving force behind it all. He will be greatly missed. Here's his obituary.