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"Cowboy shooting - as good as it gets."
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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General Information

Officers for 2024

Outfit Boss (President)
O. P. Hanna, e-mail
Outfit Ramrod (Vice-President)
Sloan Steady, e-mail
Safety Officer (Marshall)
Kenai Kid, e-mail
Match Coordinator (Trail Boss)
BlackJack Bray, e-mail
Bookkeeper (Secretary)
Colonel Cal Iber, e-mail
Shotgun Messenger (Treasurer)
Colonel Cal Iber, e-mail
Range Rider (Range Custodian)
Lt. Rip Masters, Ret., e-mail
Telegraph Agent (Website)
O. P. Hanna, e-mail

Match Schedule

We shoot the 3rd Saturday of the month, usually from April through November, depending on the weather.

Match Fees

Please consider becoming a member. After two matches you'll be saving money.

$10 for the first shooter
$5 for each additional family member
$20 for the first shooter
$5 for each additional family member

Match Times

This is very important. Registration will start at 8:00 a.m. The match will begin at 9:00 SHARP. We need to start to be strict about this because we have a lot of folks coming from out of the area and they expect to begin shooting when we say we will. So for you guys coming from Idaho Falls, if you show up late, well, we'll give you a dirty look.


Here are our bylaws. If you're a member you should make yourself familiar with them.